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Ace All Star Recognized in St. Louis

As 2017 comes to an end, we celebrated Roxie Schopp’s year as the Ace All-Star. With her year winding down, local Ace Hardware retailers, Children’s Miracle Network of Greater St. Louis, and the Ace Foundation gathered to (again) surprise
the Schopp Family and present Roxie with a very special gift.

Roxie’s first request after spending weeks in isolation during
her bone marrow transplant five years ago at St. Louis Children’s Hospital
was to go to the rooftop garden to smell the flowers. it only seemed fitting to
honor Roxie by presenting
her with a chair in her name to be placed in the Olsen Family Garden.

The plaque reads:
Dedicated by Ace Hardware in honor of Roxie Schopp, the 2017 Ace All-Star, for representing the 10 million kids treated each year at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. May all who sit here be inspired to be brave, kind and generous, just like Roxie.

Mom, Holly Schopp said, “It’s been incredible to be included in and contribute to the Ace Foundation’s mission to support CMN children’s hospitals. We are so thankful.”

Thank you, Roxie, and family for being All-Stars and helping
our partner, Ace Hardware, raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
across the country. Thank you Ace Hardware for being our partner and helping kids live better.